Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has reduced the minimum area for Farm House/LDRP from 2.5 acres to 1 acre vide S.O.No-1199(E), on 10th May, 2013

The concept of Farm House evolved in 60s in Delhi. That time, it was just a simple house in the field as well as they were few in numbers. Therefore, there was no guidelines for them. As the time passed, property market became the investment hub in 70s and 80s. For late 80s to 2000 there was a trend for Farm House in South Delhi. As a matter of fact, Farm Houses started getting the recognition as the first home. This journey enhanced the land price from some Lakhs to Crores. High profile families were hugely fascinated towards this concept of country homes therefore started giving priority to Farm Houses over ordinary looking homes. Initially, land owners were allowed for construction over 100 square metres on a 2.5 acre plot. This policy proved unsatisfactory for the Farm House lovers. Just because of this constraint, they find it irrelevant. As a matter of fact, built up area was constantly increasing. Currently, estimated construction in most of the dwelling units is around 5000 to 30000 sq. ft.Keeping the current scenario in mind, Urban Development Ministry of Indian Government has taken a practical step to revise the Farm House policy.

According to the new rules and regulations, previous term Farm House that used to be a dwelling house on farm is now termed as the Low Density Residential Plots. Per the new policies, existing Farm House in urban areas would be regularised. The new LDRP allowed only in the selected villages while maintaining all terms and conditions of Green Belt.

Ministry of Urban Development in Urban Extension has declared 23 villages in outer region of Capital City-Delhi for Low Density Residential Area. vide S.O.NO-1744(E). on 18th June, 2013 Definition for LDRA (Low Density Residential Area).

Currently, existing Farm Houses are mainly situated in areas where groundwater level is already down or going down to new level with the course of time. For the same reason, they prove additional load on civic infrastructure to adversely affect the drainage system, water supply, sewage and parking. So, villages which already have Farm House clusters are notified as Low Density Residential Area.

LDRA is also permitted in the villages which fall in the Green Belt. All top notch real estate experts opine that Delhi Master Plan (MPD) 2021 is going to be highly promising as well as it will draw big investment for the next two decades in India. MPD 2021 supports the concept of One acre Farm House/country homes and it will prove a new start for residential units.


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Farm houses give a chance to every buyer to make his house according to his dreams. At DDA LDRA Policy, creativity and construction go hand-in-hand. The detailed work of our designing and construction team will bring the best farm house for you and your family.

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Our team is already working in the 23 villages in which LDRA policy has been sanctioned to bring effective & efficient results for farmhouse seekers. With our progressive management techniques & proper homework, we are ever ready to serve you in the best possible way.

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